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Swedish Transport Agency Grants Shipping Certification Authority to DNV

DNV has been granted extended authorisation by the Swedish Transport Agency to act as a Recognised Organisation providing statutory survey services to Swedish-flagged vessels engaged in international trade. Effective from 1 September 2011, this increased responsibility for DNV has the strong support of the Swedish Shipowners’ Association, Sveriges Redare-Förening.

The authority agreement was signed by DNV Maritime’s technical director, Olav Nortun, and the Swedish Transport Authority general director, Staffan Widlert, on 30 August 2011.As a result, as well as their own class certificates, DNV is now able to issue almost all certificates required for Swedish cargo ships including those relating to IMO conventions and codes and also Swedish national statutes.“This increased authorisation is significant as it breaks with long Swedish flag tradition and will lead to new synergies for the shipowners,” says Johan Gärdin, DNV’s country manager for Sweden.“Statutory certification has to be factored into the life-time of each vessel, from initial certification in connection with delivery, through annual, intermediate and renewal surveys during the operational life of the vessel. Swedish shipowners can now rely on DNV for efficient and timely execution of these services,” said Mr Gärdin.

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