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Germany:LEHNKERING Adds Modern Double-hulled Gas Tanker to Its Fleet - 19 August 2011

LEHNKERING Reederei GmbH is adding a modern double-hulled gas tanker to its inland waterway fleet. The newly constructed liquid gas vessel LRG GAS 88 picked up its first load in the Netherlands and is currently being used to ship propylene and propane.LRG GAS 88 is the 17th vessel in the company’s own gas tanker fleet and will mainly sail along or near the river Rhine. The 95 metre long and 11.45 metre wide marine hull was built at the Orsova Shipyard in Romania. TeamCo Shipyard BV in the Netherlands completed the superstructure work. The double-hulled tanker is powered by two 634 kW engines with low fuel consumption. The gas tanker is equipped to operate on canals and can therefore be used on secondary waterways too. It meets all the requirements in the regulations governing the shipment of hazardous goods on the river Rhine and can be used for the complete range of gaseous products that LEHNKERING transports – i.e. it is not only suitable for “classic” products like LPG, but can also ship ammonia or propylene oxide, for example.
By expanding its fleet, the company is meeting the future demands of the market place. “The gas shipping market, particularly along the river Rhine, where LEHNKERING is one of the market leaders, is growing constantly. The need for the latest vessels will therefore continue to grow”, says Robert Baack, COO of the LEHNKERING Shipping Logistics & Services company division.

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